Crowdchupa Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

1. Crowdchupa is the wholly owned subsidiary of Finnora Ltd. (Company ID 2633818-1). Crowdchupa application (hereinafter “the application” or “the Crowdchupa application”) is therefore maintained and wholly owned by Finnora Ltd. These terms of use and privacy policy define the contract between the user of the application (hereinafter “the user” or “the users of the application”) and Finnora Ltd. Crowdchupa application can only be used if the user has accepted the terms of use and privacy policy (hereinafter “the terms” or “the use terms and privacy policy”) as described here.

2. The contract between the user of the application and Finnora Ltd. enters into force after the user has accepted the terms of use and the privacy policy.

3. The terms of use and privacy policy are binding upon all the users of the application. The user accepts the terms and agrees to act accordingly when signing up in the application.

4. Finnora Ltd. provides a right to use the Crowdchupa application to the user, and enables the user to earn money by collecting the collectable objects in the map interface of the application. The objects are collected by recording a video with the application. Finnora Ltd. agrees to pay the user for the objects, if the associated video meets the quality standards presented in the training video. The training video can be found from If the quality standards are not met, Finnora Ltd. will return the objects back to the map. The user will be paid for each object they collect, if the whole of the video meets the quality standards, and the user has provided the required payment information (ID, IBAN, BIC/SWIFT, and any required tax or other payment related information).

5. The users have the right to change and remove their information from the application.

6. Finnora Ltd. agrees to keep the information entered by the users private, and will not use them for commercial purposes. Finnora Ltd. will use the information provided by the users solely for the payments that are made to the users, and any applicable tax filings. The information entered by the users will not be transferred to third parties in any way, except for the banks and tax authorities as needed.

7. The users agrees to give any taxation related information that Finnora Ltd. may need for the payments, when they want to be paid for the objects they collected. This information may include but is not limited to tax ID, tax percentage, tax card, etc.

8. The users are not employees of Finnora Ltd. in any way. The payments made to the users are not the same as wage payments. The payments are one-time non-wage payments that are paid according to the regulations of the target countries. Finnora Ltd. will take care of any notifications to the tax authorities of the target countries as needed.

9. The information of the users will only be handled by the authorized person(s) within Finnora Ltd., who is responsible for the payments and the tax notifications.

10. The information of the users will only be handled when making payments and tax notifications to fulfill the legal obligations and ensure the users are paid for the objects the have collected.

11. The legal basis of managing the information of the users is: (1) legal obligations to notify tax authorities of the non-wage earnings paid to the users of the application; and (2) the right of the user to be paid for the objects they have collected as per the description of the Crowdchupa application in point 4.

12. The information of the users is stored within the Crowdchupa application as long as they have a user account. When the user wants to remove their account, the information stored on the user will also be removed from the application. Finnora Ltd. reserves the right to keep the video data collected by the user only if the user has been paid for the data. 

13. By removing the user account the user nullifies the contract made with Finnora Ltd. and the terms of use and privacy policy no longer apply to the user in any way. The user does not need to provide a reason for the removal of their user account.

14. The requirement to provide personal information to application is a requirement that is based solely to this contract.

15. Finnora Ltd. uses the video and location data produced by the user solely to analyze pavement defects. If the data will be used for any other purpose, Finnora Ltd. will notify the users of this in beforehand, so that the user understands where the video and location data will be used. The videos and location data produced by the users are delivered to a third party system, anonymized, and used only for analysis of pavement defects. The video data is stored for at least 3 years to comply with the requirements of the Clients. Finnora Ltd. will not transfer any other data except videos and location data of the users to third party systems, excluding the payment information that is delivered to banks and tax authorities for the payments to be made to the users.

16. The user of the Crowdchupa application agree to follow traffic rules and legislation applicable in the area where the user is, when using the application. The application does not require attention from the user during collection of coins. When the user wants to plan for a new route, the car needs to be stopped at a safe place according to traffic rules and legislation. Full attention of the user needs to be in driving while using the application. The phone needs to be placed on a phone holder attached to the windscreen or dashboard, when the application is used.

17. Finnora Ltd. will not take any responsibility whatsoever for traffic violations caused by the user. Finnora Ltd. will also take no responsibility for any accidents whatsoever that have occurred during the use of the application. The user of the application assumes full responsibility for road safety and any harm that may occur during the use of the application, whether caused by the user or a third party.

18. Finnora Ltd. will not take any responsibility for mistakes that may occur in the placing of the objects. Due to inaccurate road center line location data, the objects may sometimes be placed in areas which are not accessible. The user agrees to follow the applicable traffic rules and legislation in these kinds of situations, and leave the objects uncollected, if it is not possible to collect them without breaking the traffic rules, legislation, or following the quality standards of the application. 

19. If the user is speeding, or violates applicable traffic rules or legislation in anyway while using the application, Finnora Ltd. reserves the right to deny payment from the user.

20. Nothing else has been agreed upon between the user and Finnora Ltd., except for what has been stated in this terms of use and privacy policy.